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My links to some good web sites and also free software that I use all of the time.

Bagpipe Player

Free bagpipe player, plays and writes BWW files. If you get this software then go here: Bagpipetunes.net to get some music files.


Set this to start with windows, brilliant protection

Bob Dunsireís

Excellent site, anything about every thing about BAGPIPES.

Ewans WWW Bagpipe Index

Lots of stuff about the 'highland piano' here.

AVG Anti Virus

AVG Free Anti Virus Software - This is a must have.

The Royal Irish Rangers

All about my Regiment.

The Royal Irish Rangers

Another great site all about my Regiment.

Bagpipe Journey

An excellent web site for Pipers.

So you spent a fortune on your pipes? Silver, brass, Ivory? Want to protect your investment? Click here to look at a brand new product?

Snap Files

Freeware site, also has shareware.

Freeware Home

Another great freeware site.


And one more freeware site Tucows, you get it? 2 cows!


If you need a Piper in the London UK area check out this site.

Hugh Berry is available in the Essex area of England. I donít play anymore and canít afford a kilt!